My name is Faith Rae, and I’m an online Domme.

I accept titles such as Goddess, Mistress, Queen, and Miss Faith Rae.

My approach to domination is fluid, and changes depending on who I’m playing with and how we connect. Some pets appreciate a gentle touch, while others like it rough. I enjoy creating an experience that fits both your needs as a sub, and my requirements as a Domme. Whether you’re fresh meat looking to explore your interests and abilities as a sub, or a seasoned slave who knows exactly where your place is, I will gladly make you mine.

A little backstory…

Born and raised Canadian, I’ve been an active part of the adult entertainment industry since 2009. As of 2012, I’ve had the privilege of operating independently out of my home. I eat, sleep, and breathe what I do here. It is my full-time job, as well as one of my many passions. While domination is my primary kink, I also enjoy sharing who I am as a person outside of that, too.

I’ve been fascinated by human sexuality for as long as I can remember, and being a part of this industry has provided me with the most remarkable outlet to learn and experience new kinks and fetishes in a safe environment. It also offers me an outlet for my creativity – Through makeup, web design, wardrobe, and domming style, I have endless chances to express myself in an artistic manner. I absolutely love what I do, am grateful for the opportunities it has given me. I very much look forward to continuing my work in the adult entertainment industry for years to come!

Recent Blog Posts

My Kind of Fun

While you may see plenty of non-femdom content in my older premade videos, I am now exclusively dominant and only offer femdom-oriented content and services. If you wish to submit to me in ways not listed on here, feel free to Contact Me and ask if it’s something we can do.