New Clip: Friendzone JOI

Friendzone JOI
(9:48) $10.99

I start changing in front of you while our friends are in the other room. We ‘re friends , so it ‘s fine , except – You ‘re getting a boner? What the fuck?! We do NOT have that kind of relationship! It ‘s obviously not going to go away on its own , so quick , jerk off to get rid of it. Fine , I ‘ll even tease you a bit to help you out. You are SO fucking pathetic for this , though. I am so disgusted that this is happening , but your dick NEEDS to go down before our friends start wondering why we ‘ve been gone so long.

New Clip: Embracing your Findom Addiction

Embracing your Findom Addiction
(10:01) $14.99

It was so easy, luring you in. Now you’ll never escape me, never get me out of your thoughts… Not that you’d ever want to. Stop listening to that so-called voice of reason in your head. The only reasonable thing to do now is embrace your addiction. Dive deeper into it, and find comfort in the joy you know you can only feel by serving. You know you need to send to be happy.

New Clip: Mesmerizing Mantras for True Worshipers

Mesmerizing Mantras for True Worshipers
(10:01) $14.99

It is time for you to surrender yourself to your new Goddess. I will be your everything; Your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness. You will give in to me. I am all that matters, now. You will love me. You will serve me. You will crave me. And you will never deny me. Listen closely, and repeat clearly when instructed. Your mantras are your truth, and you must honor them.

New Clip: A Spicy Sounding JOI

A Spicy Sounding JOI
(10:26) $10.99

It’s going to burn, you’re going to squirm, and I’m going to love every second of it. Savor the sensation as I make you slide a Q-Tip into the head up your dick, fucking your piss hole. Revel in my amusement as I make you jerk off with hot sauce lube. You can barely take it. Your cock is on fire. You still want to cum though, right? Well, I’m going to let you, and I’m going to let you ruin your orgasm for me, too.

Happy Birthday To Me

As of April 16, I will have successfully survived another rotation around the sun. Now it’s time to celebrate in the best way possible; Making my pets spoil and serve me! This is my last year in my 20s, and I intend to make it extra special.

Step 1: Buy my Birthday Slave Tasks clip from 2018.

Even if you bought it last year, how about you buy it again. It’s delightful.
Buy it on:





Step 2: Shower me with gifts!

And by gifts, I mean cash, so I can go spend it as I please. Dinners, drinks, lingerie, trips, tattoos, wishlist items… I’ll decide how your money will be best put to use.

Visit my Spoil Me page for ways to contribute.

Step 3: Buy this year’s birthday clips (once I make them).

I intend to record at least 1 clip for my birthday, encouraging my pets to please me in a variety of ways as I celebrate another year of being fucking amazing. Follow my
promo Twitter account @alittlekink

to stay posted on when they’re available for purchase.



12 Days of Christmas Bloopers!

As we all know, video recording is not a perfect science, and I thought it would be fun to share my blunders with everyone! You can also check out my full 12 Days of Christmas clip on PornHub, and if you’re looking for more festive tasks, head over to NiteFlirt (or any other clip site I’m on) to purchase Your Christmas Gift to Miss Faith Rae.

Speaking of Christmas gifts it’s also not too late to spoil me with gift cards, cash, and gifts! It’s always pleasing to watch gifts continue showing up into the new year!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of my fans and loyal pets. xo

12 Days of Christmas: Free Slave Tasks

This is the first of 12! I’ll be posting a new Days of Christmas task every day between now and December 25th on Twitter. Follow me there to keep up with all the fun things I’m going to have you do for me this holiday season!

New Interview Up on!

I recently had the honor of being interviewed by SlaveBoySmith of, and wanted to share our conversation with all of my lovely subs here.

Click the image below to read our interview!

I am always expanding my network, sao if you know of any other sites that you think I’d be well suited to collaborating with (be it through interviews, article submissions, or what have you), be sure to let me know.

Vacation Success with FullofFantasies and Scale10Crazy!

I can honestly say, it was one of the best trips of my life.

Finally being able to meet and spend the week with Scale and Clara was amazing. After so many years of being friends online, I was humbled by the opportunity to hang out with them in person. Our connection in real life was every bit as solid as it has been online, and we got along so well it felt surreal. The trip was everything I could ever ask for and more.

I was constantly in awe throughout the week – In awe of how everything seemed to fall into place for us, and in awe of how easy it was to communicate, live, and work with two other women (without a SINGLE dispute). I was also in awe of the amazing places we saw while we travelled together, and how beautiful the weather was throughout the entire week (though ONE thunderstorm would have been cool…).

We had so much fun together while we were away! I can’t remember the last time I had such a busy yet satisfying week. We went hiking, explored forests, had bonfires (with s’mores!), played board games and card games, squeezed into a one person Jacuzzi tub together, had popcorn & movie nights, and still ended up not getting around to everything we wanted to do together. We were just so excited to be hanging out, we slept in the same room even when we had the option of having our own separate sleeping spaces.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the day we all did acid together. It’s been a long time since I’ve done LSD, and they were perfect company for it! We built a giant bed out of cushions on a big deck outside, and covered it in blankets and pillows. I loved cuddling together in our bed to stargaze, watch silly Youtube videos, and talk about life. Dropping acid together created a new level of openness among us, beyond what I would already consider to be an exceptionally high level of comfort and trust.

I am so excited about the group videos we made together. We have 8 in total that feature all 3 of us, one of which is going to be available for free! We did a lot of awesome Triple Domme POV content, and played out some wild forest rape fantasies involving monsters, aliens, and heavy bruising. Clara and I will be releasing the group’s paid videos slowly over the next couple months, and we’ll also be selling our vacation Snapchat folder, complete with Snaps taken by all 3 of us throughout the entire trip. We’ll also be posting some free teasers for some of our paid content on Pornhub, Reddit, and other social media outlets. I’ll be creating/updating a list of links at the bottom of this post as new content gets released, so you can find everything quickly and easily!

If you feel like you missed out by not contributing to our vacation, don’t worry! We’re already looking forward to our next trip, and all the fun we’re going to have when we see each other again. Where to next? Maybe a cruise, or a resort! No matter where we are, I know we’ll have a blast.

Vacation Videos

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