Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question for me that you cannot find the answer to on my site, please feel free to contact me and ask!
How did you get into this industry?

Long story short: I met a photographer on Kijiji while trying to find an apartment for my mom. I befriended this photographer, and he helped me build up my portfolio. Soon after, I was getting offered paid modelling work. Down the road, I got hired by a photographer/videographer who specialized in balloon fetish content. He also had a cam studio, and I was curious, so I tried it out. I enjoyed the concept of camming but wasn’t a fan of the studio, so I left. A few years later on a whim, I decided to try camming again on my own, and here I am now!

I'd like to get into the industry. Can you give me advice?

While I don’t have time to mentor anyone one-on-one, you’re welcome to check out my CamSpace page which is loaded full of industry resources and other handy tidbits, including my Youtube series about the ins and outs of camming! Both are constant works in progress, so if you have any questions that you can’t find the answer to, please feel free to ask, and I’ll be sure to include the info in future videos/page updates!

How much money do you make?

This is an invasive and unnecessary question to which you will not receive an answer.

It's been over 24 hours since I contacted you. Why have I not heard back?

There are a few reasons this could happen:

1. You typed your email address incorrectly.
If this has happened, I will be unable to respond to your request (or will end up emailing some poor fella with an email address similar to yours).

2. My response has been marked as spam.
Be sure to check your junk/spam folders and add to your contact list.
If you have not received my response within 24 hours, please feel free to resubmit your request through my contact page.

3. You submitted a request for something I do not offer.
If you contact me in search of a girlfriend, fuckbuddy, freebie, video making buddy, mentor, or anything else that isn’t offered, I will likely delete your message without responding.

Will you meet me in real life?
Reason I will meet with you in real life:

You are a finsub of who is ready to take me shopping or meet up for an ATM withdrawal.

Reasons I will NOT meet with you in real life:

To make porn together, to date/get married, to have casual sex, to have paid sex, to be friends, etc.

Can we chat or play for free?
Short answer: No.

Really, though. Have you ever walked into a store and said, “Hey, I like this shirt, but I’m broke. Can I just take it?” No? Of course not. The size of your wallet does not determine the value of the goods or services you seek.

Some of you may be thinking, “But I don’t want sex services. I want to know the real you, outside of your work.” That’s great! My services don’t have to be sexual. I highly recommend a Girlfriend Experience for anyone wanting to get to know me on a more personal level.

Free, though? Sorry, folks. I’d love to hang out with Maynard James Keenan, but he’s a busy guy. If the only reason you know I exist is because of my work, what you seek is not an option.

Can you lower your rates for me?

Again – No. The value of my goods and services is not determined by the size of your wallet. If I’m out of your price range, either save up until you can afford me, or find someone you like who charges less. The only people who have ever received a discount from me are those who have been loyal for a long time. If I feel it’s been earned, I just give it. If you have to ask for it, you haven’t earned it.

Do you like my cock?

I don’t know, because I haven’t looked at it. Why don’t you ask me again once we’re in a phone/cam/text session?

I know it says you don't do ________, but will you please do it just for me (or do it if I pay you more?)

If I say I don’t do it, it’s because I don’t do it. No exceptions. My self-respect means more to me than any extra money you could wave in my face.

Do you do ________ in sessions/videos? I can't find it on your lists.

If you’re looking for a certain type of show, conversation, or video that isn’t mentioned in either my Do OR Don’t lists, please feel free to contact me and ask! I’ll be happy to give you a direct response, and by answering your question, I will also have more info to update my lists with so that I can be as thorough with them as possible.

To find answers to more commonly (and not so commonly) asked questions, check out my Reddit AMA responses!

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