New things coming in 2019!

1. Snapchat Subscription Trial Run

Sometime this year (date not yet determined) I am going to be doing a one-month Snapchat subscription “test run” to see if it’s something I want to incorporate into my services long-term. This trial will be offered at a special rate, and everyone who subscribes to the trial will get an exclusive bonus offer, regardless of whether I extend the subscription past the trial month. If all goes well and I decide to keep it going, I’ll be offering both monthly + lifetime* subscriptions. I want my Snapchat to be all-encompassing – Something I can use to share all sorts of things about myself, and will include things like:

• Cats
• Sexy vanilla nudies
• Behind the scenes work stuff
• Weird, artsy close-up shots of various body parts
• Femdom snaps (slave tasks, rude gestures, sub exposure, etc.)
• SNAPCHAT SUBSCRIPTION EXCLUSIVE pics/vids from my personal sex life

*until whenever I retire either from Snapchat or the adult industry.

2. New games!

I’ve got some new games to play with you!
• Findom Retweet Game – I’m finally hopping on the bandwagon! Excited to drain some wallets with the help of my loyal fans, pets, and dope-ass friends on social media.
• Femdom Wheel Spinning Games – I recently downloaded a customizable wheel spinning app, and I’m obsessed! The wheel pictured on the left is an example of one I’ve made, but I’ve got plenty more in mind. Some wheels will be available as stand-alone games, while others can be used during live cam and text chat sessions! I won’t go into too much detail for now, but the stand-alone wheel games will also include monthly raffle prizes.

I want this to be the year of fun, so if you have any ideas for other games I can include in my collection once everything I’m planning to put out has launched, I am all ears!

3. SFW art stuff

I’ve been on the fence about linking my art with my online presence as a sex worker for a long time. After much consideration, and a little bit of, “Ah, what the fuck!” I have decided to finally take the plunge. I do a lot of random, macabre art and jewelry, often working with (ethically sourced) animal bones, vintage beads/crystals, and found/thrifted objects. After having been on a hiatus from both making and selling my designs, I have rebranded, and am getting back on the horse. Go follow my new Twitter account for my art (@7Magpies_), and once I’ve established things a bit, I will be cross-promoting my designs on my @alittlekink account. I will be offering special promos to sex workers who buy the things I make, and I am also considering live streaming on Twitch so you can hang out with me while I make stuff!

I also have a lot of less noteworthy changes to make in the new year, and with so much on my plate, this is not all going to happen at once! Best way to stay up-to-date is to follow me on Twitter (@alittlekink), where I’ll be sure to provide lots of updates as I roll new things out. In the event that Twitter goes all anti-sex worker due to SESTA/FOSTA, I’ll provide an update here at on where is best to follow me.

Happy new year everyone, and may 2019 be a year of magic and wonder for you!

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