Financial servitude, to me, is the truest form of submission. When a sub trusts and adores me enough to hand over their wallet, it really is something special. Long-term arrangements, individual sessions, and games available.

I’ll gladly enjoy more than just your money, though.
I enjoy domination in many forms, including but not limited to:

Long-Term Arrangement
If you are interested in worshipping and spoiling me long-term, you will be required to go through a two-step application process.

Step 1: Tribute

Send a tribute of at least $50. The larger the number, the hotter it’ll be. Go to the Long-Term Application to find out how you can send tribute. After tribute has been sent, you will be required to fill out a form confirming a few details.

Step 2: Share

After your tribute has been sent and confirmed, I will email you a set of questions that you must answer and send back to me. Once your answers have been reviewed, I will let you know if your application has been approved.

A trial run will be discussed if/when your application is approved. From there, I will decide if you are worth keeping. A long-term sub will be required to sign a contract. What exactly our trial/arrangement entails will depend on how we click, how our schedules align, what your budget is, and how you submit. I am open to real-life meetups for ATM withdrawals and shopping sprees with subs who serve me well.

Individual Sessions

Individual findom/blackmail fantasy sessions can be done via Skype or Kik. Like any Skype or Kik session, you will be required to pay upfront for your time with me. How much I squeeze out of you while we play, well… That remains to be seen. It’ll be fun to see just how deep your pockets will go for me.


Are you up for a challenge? Your money’s on the line. Let’s see how many rounds you last before I drain your wallet dry. Games are text chat based and do not include video chat or pics unless otherwise stated.

2 Truths & 1 Lie
Buy-in: $20

Each round, I send you 2 truths, and 1 lie. You tell me which one you think is a lie.

• If you’re right, your fee to play the next round goes down by half (so from $20, it would go down to $10).
• If you’re wrong, your fee to play the next round doubles (from $20, it would go up to $40).

Onward we go, for as many rounds as you can handle – Each time the fee gets doubled or halved depending on whether you win or lose. After each round, I’ll tell you a little something about each truth.

BONUS: Last 10+ rounds, and I’ll pick out a small reward for you.

Buy-in: $50

I will pin your most humiliating pic* to the top of my Twitter feed for one week. You can choose to be named, or remain anonymous. While it’s up, my friends and fans (and maybe even your fellow subs) will share, mock, and insult your pic. If you chicken out and want your pic removed before the week is up, don’t worry, I’ll do it – For a price. The longer it’s up, the less it’ll cost to take it down:

5+ Days = $50
3+ Days = $75
1+ Days = $125
Less than 24 hours = $175

*You must send me the image you wish to have posted along with a sign pic proving you are the person in the image I’ll be posting. Sign pic will not be posted publicly.

Chicken is a public game. I recommend purchasing a Mistress Experience or daily Kik sessions if you wish to chat privately about it as it’s happening.

Roll the Dice
Buy-in: $30

I have two dice. Every time I roll them, you pay. Game ends when your wallet’s empty.

• If I roll odds, we multiply the number by 5, and you send that amount.
Eg. I roll a 3 and a 2, which equals 5. 5×5 = $25.

• If I roll evens, we multiple the number by 10, and you send that amount.
Eg. I roll a 4 and a 2, which equals 6. 6×10 = $60.

• If I roll any doubles EXCEPT snakeeyes, you get to pick 1 free premade video (valued at $15.99 or less).
You do not have to pay anything when I roll doubles (excluding snakeeyes).

• If I roll snakeeyes (two 1s), you send me a large sum of cash. Exact amount to be determined before we play.

All dice rolls are done via Kik live video to prove that the game is legit.

Words With Friends
Buy-in: $25

A battle of words and wits – Who will prevail?

• If I win, you pay me the difference between our scores (1 point = $1).

• If you win (I am very good at catching cheaters, so don’t try), I will send you the score difference in pics (6 points = 1 pic).

I am open to suggestions for new games – I choose the stakes, though. Remember, these are findom games – They’re not about what I can get out of you more than what you can get out of me.
Open Your Wallet

To submit to me financially, you must fill out the relevant Findom form.