Free Slave Tasks

I often have slaves seeking to serve me, but without the ability to financially commit to anything. This can be tough to deal with, because as much as I would love to dedicate my time to any/every pet who’s willing to bow to me, I simply can’t. At the end of the day, it’s the subs that pay who get my attention.

While I do not dedicate my time to dominating non-paying subs, that doesn’t mean I will refuse their servitude. There are plenty of things subs can do for me that don’t involve spending money, and can provide them with the satisfaction of pleasing me. To be clear: These are not tasks you do in exchange for anything from me. They are things you do to satisfy your desire to serve me. I do not dedicate my time to non-paying subs.

If you wish to be one of my slaves, but cannot afford to pay for any sort of interactive arrangement, here are some ideas of things you can do to serve me without opening your wallet or using my time:

Be a Social Media Slave

The job of a social media slave is to bring me more fans and business. After all, if you can’t pay me, you should be helping me find people who will. The instructions below will help you get started.

Step One: Follow Me

Don’t have accounts on any of these sites? Make a new account with a username that shows the world how much you worship me. For example, you could call yourself “SlaveToFaithRae”, or “IBowToFaithRae”. Write a bio that shows people you exist to serve me. Link people to my website and profile.

Step Two: Gain an Audience

This is more specific to Twitter, but can be applied to most other sites, too. After all, your social media presence won’t have any impact if you’re not reaching anyone with it!

Follow/friend people with similar interests. Use keyword searches to find them! For example, if you search femdom, you can find and follow people who make posts about femdom.
Retweet, like, and comment on their posts. When commenting, be genuine, and be respectful.
Make unique posts of your own. If you wish to keep your own identity private, that’s fine. You can still post links to content you enjoy, share memes, write about your day, etc.

Step Three: Expand My Reach

This step is similar to the one above, but focused on ME.

Retweet, like, and comment on MY posts. All of them. Every day. When commenting, be genuine, and be respectful.
Make unique posts of your own ABOUT ME. If you’re brave, post public pics of yourself with “Property Of Miss Faith Rae” on your chest, a dildo up your ass, or something else kinky, and tag me in them! Show the world how much you ache to keep me happy. If posting pics of yourself is too bold, post poems, or GIFs depicting things you wish I would do to you. Get creative!
Promote ME! Post links to my clipsite profiles, and tell people to buy my clips. Post links to my PornHub or XVideos content and tell people to watch them! Post links to my wishlists, and tell people to spoil me. Post links to my website, and tell people to serve me.

Make it your job to bring me new slaves.

Find my content online

It’s not uncommon for people to buy my videos and then post them publicly without my permission. If you find something posted for sale or free by someone who is not me, send me the link so I can submit a DMCA takedown notice.

Be an online slut for hire

While these options technically do involve money, it’s not coming out of your pocket! Being my slut for hire means doing naughty, kinky things that will make money you can send straight over to me!

Do Live Cam Shows

First, sign up on USING THIS LINK. This will make you a performer under my studio, ownedbyfaithrae. Once you’re properly registered, you can make a bio and start selling shows. Chaturbate will automatically transfer your earnings into my account once per day.

Being a performer is not easy, especially if you’re male. If you really want to earn me money, you need to be willing to do the research, and turn your shows into something worth paying for.

Post Your Own Videos Online

Create a model profile on PornHub using this link to join their Ad Revenue program. Post videos of yourself, earn money off of ad revenue, and send me the profits! Be sure to use keywords like “alittlekink” and “Miss Faith Rae” when uploading, and include my name in the title, too!
Eg. “Humiliating myself for Miss Faith Rae”.

Video Ideas:
• Record yourself watching one of my free clips and following the instructions (JOI, slave tasks, etc.)
• Record yourself talking to the camera about how much you worship me, and what a loser you are.
• Record yourself writing humiliating phrases on yourself, including “Property of Miss Faith Rae”, and dancing around to girly music.

Vote for me

• Give me your votes on Votes are free to give, and each one gets me $0.10 to use towards wishlist items. It may not be much, but it adds up!

Of course, if I’m in any other competition of some sort, you should vote for me in that, too! I always do my best to blog about any contests I’m in, so check back regularly.