Kik Sessions

Scheduling & Availability

I am in the Eastern Standard timezone, and my specific availability varies from day to day. Your best chance of catching me is to book in advance! A session is considered booked once payment has been sent, and my Kik ID is provided once payment has been processed.

How do you like to play? Check out my list of likes & dislikes to see if we’ll click!

Text Chat

$25/15 mins
$40/30 mins
$55/45 mins
$65/60 mins

Text Chat + Pics & Vids

$35/15 mins
$65/30 mins
$90/45 mins
$110/60 mins

If you want an amount of time not listed, just ask and I’ll let you know how much it is.

Body Oil: $10
Watch me slick myself up with body oil. Using dramatically large quantities of body oil would be covered by the Clean-up Fee.

Prep: $20+
For sessions that require additional set-up time (sets, props, makeup, etc). Exact fee will vary depending on what the prep entails. Full-face makeup is $50.

Clean-up: $20+
For “messy” sessions (squishing food, wrecked makeup, etc) or anything requiring additional work after initial recording (eg. heavy video editing). Exact fee will vary depending on what the clean-up entails.

Add-On: Price varies
To see me wear/use something I do not currently own, you must cover the full cost of that item.

Book a Session

Let’s have some fun together! To book a Kik session, please fill out the Kik Session form.

If one session’s not enough, I’ve got multiple Girlfriend Experience and Mistress Experience packages available.