Phone Sessions

Check out my phone lines below for ways to chat! If you want to add some visual stimulation to the mix, I also enjoy playing on Skype and Kik!

Goddess Wants to Hear You Squirm

Listen closely to my every word. I know how badly you want to please me.


You Don’t Exist.

I can hear you, but I’m not listening.

Casual Conversation

I’m more than just a Domme. Get to know me, chat about hobbies, vent about work, discuss our favorite TV shows, etc.
This line is strictly non-sexual. No discussion of kinks/sexual interests permitted.


If you’re not into NiteFlirt, give me a ring on Verified Call! One phone line for all your kinky needs.


Grab my number on SextPanther if you want the option to call AND text!


I’ve got a ton of phone lines on iWantClips! Call to serve me, to be ignored, or to have your wallet drained.