50% Off Worn Items

It’s a big sale for little losers across Canada and the USA! I have plenty of goodies available for a delicious discount, but there is a BIG catch…

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers!

If you want to save a few dollars, it’s going to come at the cost of your CHOICE. I’ll let you pick the category, but I get to choose which item from that category arrives in your mailbox! You pick panties? I choose if you get cotton or satin, full-back or thong. You pick socks? I choose if you get ankle or knee-high, athletic or casual. You won’t know what I’ve chosen for you until it arrives!

Clearance Categories

$50 $25
$50 $25
$50 $25
$50 $25
$50 $25
$60 $30
All clearance orders will include:

• One full day wear (24hrs)
• Items will be vacuum sealed
• Standard shipping in discreet packaging

Willing to pay more to get exactly what you want? I’ve got plenty to choose from through my Worn items main page.

Place an Order

To make one of these goodies yours, please fill out the Clearance Items order form.