Snapchat Subscription Trial

Click here to subscribe to my one month Snapchat trial

Starting March 1st, I am going to be doing a one-month Snapchat subscription “trial run” to see if it’s something I want to offer long-term. This trial will be offered at a special reduced rate, and everyone who subscribes to the trial will get an exclusive bonus offer at the end of the trial, regardless of whether or not I continue offering Snap afterwards. If all goes well and I decide to keep it going, I’ll be offering both monthly + lifetime* subscriptions (or similar).

I want my Snapchat to be all-encompassing – Something I can use to share all sorts of things about myself, and will include things like:

• Cats (no joke)
• (Uncensored) nudies
• Sexy behind the scenes stuff
• Weird, artsy close-up shots of various body parts
• Femdom snaps (slave tasks, rude gestures, sub exposure, etc.)
• SNAPCHAT SUBSCRIPTION EXCLUSIVE pics/vids from my personal sex life

… And plenty of other random, fun stuff!

*until whenever I retire either from Snapchat or the adult industry.

If you want to enjoy the full month, be sure to submit payment BEFORE March 1st. Any trial run subscriptions purchased after March 1st will only run from the purchase date to the end of March. If I decide to continue offering Snapchat Premium after the one month trial, a new reoccurring subscription will be available for April 1st, 2019.

You know you want to. Click. Subscribe. Enjoy.

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